Double Up by Janice Ykema

Bringing a sense of movement, life and character to her canvas…

Janice appreciates the energy, emotions and characters found in the animal kingdom. Some of these closely paralleling those of mankind.  She brings a sense of movement, life and character to her canvas.Janice strives to bring a smile to your face by capturing animals in human situations, poking fun at our life experiences.

Inspiration originates from her subjects or wordplay. She then creates a visual story using the art *tools* at her command (composition, colour, brushstroke), constantly challenging herself to learn something new.

Janice’s next goal is to create a children’s book, while maintaining her art practice. She has been painting now for 12 years and has been awarded numerous prizes. Her work can be found in both private and corporate collections.

Double Up by Janice Ykema
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